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大縄あそび Onawa asobi 2017 – Advanced Notice


For those that require time to formulate travel plans, the annual 2-day kinbakushi event 大縄あそび , hosted by Yoshida Yoi san will be held Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017, returning this year to a traditional Japanese house in Tokyo.

Location will be at Studio Kikori

• Hourai Kasumi
• Ero Ouji
• Shigonawa Bingo
• † Siva †
• Nawanojyoh
• Take chan
• Dash
• Higashi
• Marou
• Kira
• Takayuki
• Shugusa
• Yoshi
• Fu
• Nuit de Tokyo

• Takasama
• Ryo
• Davide La Greca
• Saw
• West
• SiRo
• Mike West
• Yoi Yoshida

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