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Kinbaku Today invites articles, interviews, galleries, and reviews of topics of interest to Japanese kinbaku and shibari enthusiasts.

Articles may be historical, commentary, or opinion pieces and generally should not exceed 1,500 words. We evaluate all content based on its relevance to our audience and we do not focus on any particular school, style, or approach. All viewpoints are welcome.

Interviews with practitioners of kinbaku and shibari are always welcome.

We accept galleries of photography of shibari, usually ranging between 12 and 25 images.

With the recent publication of many new books on kinbaku in the west, we are actively looking for reviews of new books related to kinbaku and shibari, which may include historical works, collections of essays or philosophical approaches, and how to books and introductory guides. Reviews should include availability information and pricing, as well as recommendations for specific audiences who will enjoy and benefit from the work.

Book review guidelines can be found here: book review guidelines

While we encourage critical engagement with work in all areas, the philosophy of Kinbaku Today is treat kinbaku as positive and beneficial activity and to encourage people to explore the erotic, sexual, and intimate connections that erotic rope bondage makes possible. We do not accept personal polemics or works directed at criticism of individuals, styles or schools

Articles and reviews that illuminate, encourage, and help work find its best audience are preferred.

Inquires and submissions should be directed to [email protected] or by using the form below.