Remembering Miura Takumi

passed away on November 1st, 2021 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was best known as one of the...


The Colors of Iroha (いろはのいろ)

A new book of photos by Erisa Sota (well known photographer in Japan, frequently seen at 's workshops, events, and nawa kai)...

Announcement: TEN

TEN is a collection of images over the past 10 years of our photographic journey and rope evolution in this beautiful book.  It has been...

New Film Features Japanese Female Bakushi

A new film by French director Jean-Armand Bougrelle, Bound, will focus on the emergence of female bakushi within the Japanese SM scene. The documentary focuses...

MyNawashi Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research

MyNawashi is offering a full rope kit for auction to support breast cancer research. Bids are open until Oct 31. Bids can...

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Why Eros Matters: Keeping Shibari Dirty

There is probably no greater debate in rope circles today then the question of whether or not is "sexual." Whether you suggest...

Signs of Shame: Understanding Japanese Bondage Images

If you watch Japanese bondage videos, or have ever flipped through old Japanese SM magazines such as Kitan Club or Sun and Moon, you've...

Kinbaku – An Evolving Era – Part 1

KINBAKU TODAY CHRISTMAS DEBATE The COVID crisis has given us all pause for thought. Seeing how Kinbaku has evolved, is a new era appearing on...

Aibunawa and Semenawa: Pleasure and Endurance

A lesson from Yukimura sensei Not long before Yukimura sensei passed away I was lucky to be able to spend some time with him in...
The Eroticization of Suffering Kinbaku Today 2

The Eroticization of Suffering (Updated)

Red Sabbath explains how she eroticizes the experience of .

Kinbaku – An Evolving Era – Part 3

KINBAKU TODAY CHRISTMAS DEBATE This is the final part of the virtual discussion between Ugo san of SMpedia, Marc BeShibari and Sin. I'd like to...

Video Series: Kawakami Yuu (SM Sniper)

SM Sniper has released a series of four videos all featuring model Kawakami Yuu tied by top Japanese rope masters, inlcuding Akira Naka, Yukimura...
Namio Harukawa:  SM Kitan 1975 Kinbaku Today 1

Namio Harukawa: SM Kitan 1975

A look at a classic illustrator's early work