So You Are New To Shibari? How To Get Started

Over the past few years the interest in Japanese erotic rope bondage has exploded. Whether you call it or kinbaku or just...


Rope Flix Redesigned!

Three years ago, we launched Rope Flix to bring streaming Japanese rope bondage videos to a Western audience. To say it has been...

The Colors of Iroha (いろはのいろ)

A new book of photos by Erisa Sota (well known kinbaku photographer in Japan, frequently seen at Naka Akira's workshops, events, and nawa kai)...

Announcement: TEN

TEN is a collection of images over the past 10 years of our photographic journey and rope evolution in this beautiful book.  It has been...

New Film Features Japanese Female Bakushi

A new film by French director Jean-Armand Bougrelle, Bound, will focus on the emergence of female bakushi within the Japanese SM scene. The documentary focuses...

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The Eroticization of Suffering (Updated)

Red Sabbath explains how she eroticizes the experience of semenawa.

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If you watch Japanese bondage videos, or have ever flipped through old Japanese SM magazines such as Kitan Club or Sun and Moon, you've...

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A lesson from sensei Not long before Yukimura sensei passed away I was lucky to be able to spend some time with him in...

Video Series: Kawakami Yuu (SM Sniper)

SM Sniper has released a series of four videos all featuring model Kawakami Yuu tied by top Japanese rope masters, inlcuding Akira Naka, Yukimura...

Why Eros Matters: Keeping Shibari Dirty

There is probably no greater debate in rope circles today then the question of whether or not is "sexual." Whether you suggest...

Ibarako: Tying Men

This is more than a simple “how to tie.” It will teach you how to create amazing rope scenes for you and your partner to enjoy.
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Yoji Muku: Part 1-Introduction

An introduction to one of Japan's greatest SM artists.