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Ibarako: Tying Men


This video is the first Japanese instructional video focused exclusively on tying men.  With English translation and interpretation, this video teaches you how to tie men from the most basic fundamentals to more advanced technique.  Suitable for all levels of tying, there is something in this video for everyone.  The video features discussion, hands on demonstration, close-up video of each tie, examples of how to use each tie to dominate and control your partner, and a full rope scene demonstration,  The video includes a special section of penis bondage, with close up demonstration.

This video is more than a simple “how to tie.”  It will teach you how to create amazing rope scenes for you and your partner to enjoy.

The video covers:

  • Tying the Wrists
  • Using the Nawajiri for Control
  • Tying the Arms Behind the Back
  • Neck Play (kubi-nawa)
  • Other Ways to Dominate
  • Tying with Rope
  • Hands in Front (Maete Shibari)
  • Hands in Front II
  • Hands Behind the Back (Gote Shibari)
  • Hands Behind the Back II
  • Playing with the Hands in Back
  • Tying the Penis
  • Model’s Reaction
  • Playing with the Hands in Front

Teaching Rope Fundamentals and Scene Building

Basic Ties (Cloth and neckties)

Introducing basic construction, application, and play styles

Using Rope (Maete and Gote Shibari)

Using rope for maximum effect

Penis Ties

Using small diameter rope for cock and ball bondage as part of your rope play

Rope Play

Putting it all together to create effective and memorable rope scenes