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Faster rope coils Kinbaku Today 5

To make a coil is using the tails to make er…a…coil. This method for ending your shibari has pros and cons.

  • Pro: beautiful looking
  • Cons: hard to untie and making a coil take lots of time

So, many nawashi won’t use coils to end their shibari. Rather preferring do some slipknots and hanging the tails free (most often seen with suspensions) or using the tails as a spider web.

Okay, here is the method that I found:


If there is a need to use coil method to end a shibari, you can clamp the tails at any point that comes in handy.

received_m_mid_1408255860577_75d2b60ccf1fc36412_0Then, using FOUR strings rather than two strings to make a coil. (I changed the connection point for this photo.)

received_m_mid_1408255950425_a338284fdabdecca81_0Finally, after doing the coil, you can tie the two loops together.

Personally, I find that using this method has two advantages:

  1. Ending with this method is four times faster than normal method. (length become half and you coil twice the number of strings)
  2. If coiled evenly, it can be uncoiled by removing the clamping site and just pulling the tails.

And, this method is as neat as normal ones, using this method will surely boost your coil speed!