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Video Series: Kawakami Yuu (SM Sniper)


SM Sniper has released a series of four videos all featuring model Kawakami Yuu tied by top Japanese rope masters, inlcuding Akira Naka, Yukimura Haruki, and Hajime Kiniko.  These videos provide an interesting perspective on three different bakushi, working from three different traditions, and how they approach ties on the same model.



Kinbaku 1

The first video of the series features Akira Naka doing a series of intense ties, finishing with one of his signatures, an intense hashira suspenion.  The series is a true test of endurance, as he puts her through some rigorous poses and ties her tightly.

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h_859tnh00004plKinbaku 2

The second video in the series features Yukimura Haruki and provides a very different and distinctive approach, employing Yukimura’s erotic, humiliating, and sexual approach to kinbaku.

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h_859tnh00005plKinbaku 3

In the third installment, one of the brightest stars of the younger generation adds his unique rope style to the collection.  Hajime Kinoko’s ties reflect his enthusiasm and creative approach, giving some unique twists to classic kinbaku patterns.

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