Drawn to Rope: Aaron Jacob Jones

The art of Aaron Jacob Jones from Drawn to Rope
Gallery:  Nawa Yumio's History of Punishment (1963) Kinbaku Today

Gallery: Nawa Yumio’s History of Punishment (1963)

A series of images from Nawa Yumio's treatise on Edo era punishment techniques (1963)
Gallery:  Suzuki Reiji's Rope Magic Kinbaku Today 1

Gallery: Suzuki Reiji’s Rope Magic

Amateur bakushi and photographer's work from Japan
Chizuru and Yukimura Kinbaku Today 2

Chizuru and Yukimura

From Satseuikai, October 26, 2103. Rope by Yukimura Haruki model: Chizuru
On doing Kinbaku for music videos – an interview with Master "K" on rigging the Bull's "Come Unwound." Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: The Bulls Video Shoot

Behind the scene at The Bulls "Come Unwound"
Gallery:  RopeMarks Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: RopeMarks

Gallery from RopeMarks
Gallery: Clover Kinbaku Today 1

Gallery: Clover

Kinbaku images by Clover
Beautifully Bound (美しき縛しめ) Kinbaku Today 1

Beautifully Bound (美しき縛しめ)

Published in 1953, this book is a collaboration between the legendary bakushi Toshiyuki Suma (aka Minomura Ko and Kita Reiko) and photographer Tetsuzo Tsukamoto.
Video: Yukimura Haruki "The Affection of Kinbaku" Kinbaku Today

Video: Yukimura Haruki “The Affection of Kinbaku”

From "The Affection of Kinbaku" by Yukimura Haruki
Gallery: Riccardo Wildties Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: Riccardo Wildties

Kinbaku by Riccardo Wildties.
Gallery:  DonSir Black & White Kinbaku Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: DonSir Black & White Kinbaku

Black and white kinbaku photography by DonSir
Gallery: Chizuru Kinbaku Today 2

Gallery: Chizuru

Photography by Zetsu. Shot in Roppongi, October, 2013. satsueikai with Yukimura Haruki and Chizuru.