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Hojojutsu: Watatani Kiyoshi’s Zokuzoku Kobudō bunken-shū


Published in 1975 as a guide the martial art of hojojutsu, this book contains a series of elaborate hojojutsu ties, as well as a long discussion of the art itself. What makes this volume truly significant for students of kinbaku is that it is one of the two primary texts that Akechi Denki used to study the art of hojojutsu, according to kinbaku researcher Alice Liddell.

Watatani (1903-1983) was a prolific author who wrote about and studied Japanese martial arts extensively with a particular focus on kobudo (古武道) or “traditional martial arts.”

This collection documents 12 full ties, a number of techniques for capture and binding, and an illustrated discussion of various pressure points on the body.

A very rare and hard to find book.  Only 135 copies were printed.  This is number 110.

For those in Los Angeles, we will be showing this volume as part of our event: A Celebration of the Life and Teaching of Akechi Denki