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Kazami Ranki in Barcelona


Literally, shibari means ‘to tie’ and refers to an ancient, aesthetic form of rope bondage that since the beginning of the twentieth century is practiced with erotic purposes. Although shibari is classified as BDSM, and in particular during performances sadomasochistic elements come to the fore, it also has other meanings. Intimacy and trust are more essential than dominance and submission. By the stimulation of pressure points in the body, the localization of the ropes and the lengthy locking of body parts, also respiration plays an important role and shibari may even get a meditative meaning. At the end of November 2015 Japanese rope master Kazami Ranki came to Barcelona to teach the techniques of the complex knots during a workshop weekend. Also a night of performances was included, that showed advanced BDSM-couples in action.

With a special thanks to models Maya Homerthon and Nyu Higurashi