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Naka Akira: Blue


Tristes Tropiques: Akira Naka’s Blue

This book is a beautiful collaboration between Naka Akira and Sato Erisa, who has been collaborating with Naka san on a number of projects for the past few years.  These photos are portraits of Naka san, taken at various times.  Photographer Erisa Sato followed by Akira Naka for years, both in public and private, capturing the essence of a man.

This book is a study of Naka Akira, capturing him in various moments and painting a beautiful portrait of the man behind the rope.  It does not feature rope work or ties.

These copies were signed by Naka Akira in June 2017 and are the only signed copies available for purchase.

This is a chance to own a special piece of kinbaku history. Limited to 20 copies.  Available for $20 plus shipping.  36 pages.