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Ozuma’s Secret Art Book


In 2009, Taiyotosho published a beautiful collection of Ozuma’s work which had been featured as an art exhibition at the Customs Museum (Fūzoku shiryōkan). The work exhibited by Ozuma is described as “mongai fushutsu” (門外不出) which is something that is so rare, precious and valued that it is very rarely shown or shared with others.

That exhibit led to the publication of Ozuma’s Secret Art Book, a collection of full figured Japanese women (along with a few men) in rope and in interesting settings.

The book was only published in a very limited run and carries a hefty price tag (over $300 USD if you can find a copy) and it features a very intimate portrait of Ozuma’s own personal desires and fetishes.

In some ways, Ozuma’s larger women are reminiscent of Harukawa Namio’s artwork, but with the women bound and submissive (as opposed to Harukawa’s images which featured women in positions of domination and control).

Here are some samples for the book, which gives a very different perspective both on Ozuma’s art and kinbaku more generally.