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Share. Care. Act.


Many of us in the rope community have been shaken by numerous accounts of consent violations, poor negotiation skills, victim blaming, and horror stories that have been circulating about some prominent people in the rope community, but who have benefited from a culture of silence and silencing that has allowed their actions to continue and for them to not be held accountable for their behavior.

Recently, Gorgone posted her story and it has opened up a flood of rope bottoms telling their stories.

In response to the events and the responses to it, she has created the following campaign.

The last 24h have been tough and exhausting -to say the least…

~ I am extremely touched and grateful for the massive support that was given to me -and every other spoken or unspoken victims of abuse.

~ I am extremely impressed and proud to witness the community responding with a strong wave of promoting and educating awareness and responsibility.

~ I am extremely saddened and worried to witness numerous expressions of rape apology and victim blaming.

~ I am extremely hopeful that with the blowup of these threads and the massive attention it got on social medias (both ‘vanilla’ and Kinky), some concrete benefits and changes will result.

I encourage all of us to ride that wave and use the amazing visibility it has created to promote useful material.

It would be a shame to let the attention and visibility that my Fetlife profile has reached serve only one fight, so I would like to open my profile as a platform to share any writings, researches, educational or thought provoking material, because not only my story deserves attention. Feel free to request anonyma, or not, to name names, or not.

Please feel free to send your stories, articles, videos, photos, anything useful to this email :

[email protected]

I will need and ask for help to read, select and publish the material, so if you wish to be part of the “email” team, please let me know and you will have access to this mailbox.

Share, care, act.
I want to be proud to be part of this community.