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Yukimura Tribute Video: Shin Kou Sabre


YUKIMURA HARUKI TRIBUTE 雪村春樹讃 from shinkousabre on Vimeo.

The video was taken in May of 2011 as part of the behind the scenes footage of my art photo book ‘Amorous’ 好色. After the photo shoot with Watanabe Yasuji (former Chief Editor of SM Sniper) and Yukimura Haruki; Yukimura sensei wanted to express to me his unique style of tying.

There were a select small group of assistants there on the day, and Yukimura san wanted to demonstrate how he communicated via the rope, so there were quite a few onlookers present, some of which I had only just met, so the exposure was intensified for me. My feelings of shame and embarrassment were heightened throughout the experience.

I have held onto this memory for a very long time and only now have chosen to release it to convey my gratitude, admiration and respect for a truly talented man who was not afraid to show his true affection and seek to receive my sentiment in return.

I can only show how Yukimura Haruki sensei affected me, for there are no words I can use that will describe my feelings.

Shin Kou