Yukimura’s “Nawa”

A truly remarkable video from Yukimura sensei.  In "Nawa" he provides a masterclass in his personal style of erotic rope bondage.  Unlike most videos...

Ozuma: One Person, Two Lives Exhibit

Bondage and Tattoo Art by Ozuma Shinjukuza Gallery will be presenting a new exhibit on the work of Ozuma, featuring his work both as a...

New Akira Naka Video: Secret Rope Romance

Just released from Sniper S&M.  Akira Naka's latest video features the beautiful Karin Itsuki in a stunning series of ties from one of modern...

2019 World Rope Bondage Survey

The latest World Rope Bondage survey is live and will run through Dec 31. We will be publishing thee results in January. ...

Onawa Asobi, October 9-10, 2019

Onawa asobi 2019 Vol. 12 will take place Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November at Studio KCL Tokyo, Japan. Doors open 12:30, start 13:00Performers: Ero Ouji Shigonawabingo ZIMA Hirosan Takasama sin Siva Nuit...

RopeFlix: Kinbaku Streaming Videos

April 15th marks the launch of Rope Flix, a new streaming video service that brings the best of Japanese erotic bondage video directly to...

Share. Care. Act.

Many of us in the rope community have been shaken by numerous accounts of consent violations, poor negotiation skills, victim blaming, and horror stories...
New Book by Yukimura Sensei, Preface by Master "K" Kinbaku Today 2

New Book by Yukimura Sensei, Preface by Master “K”

A new book by Yukimura Haruki.