Yukimura-Style – Volume Three – Chair Bondage

The filming locations of bondage has evolved from just that of Japanese houses. In volume one, we had a sliding door house. In volume...

Onawa Asobi Europe: Feb 2020

Tokyo based shibari festival Onawa Asobi comes to Europe! Sat 22 & Sun 23 Feb 2020 - Shibari Lounge Antwerp, Belgium Amateur performers from Japan and Europe unite...
Sugiura Kinbaku: House of Pleasure and Pain Volume 2 Kinbaku Today 4

Sugiura Kinbaku: House of Pleasure and Pain Volume 2

New Sugiura Kinbaku Book from Sanwa Sanwa has just released volume two in their series of the pleasure of torture. Some excellent rope and photography....

Yukimura’s “Nawa”

A truly remarkable video from Yukimura sensei.  In "Nawa" he provides a masterclass in his personal style of erotic rope bondage.  Unlike most videos...

O Nawa Asobi: November 7-8, 2015

For anyone lucky enough to be in Tokyo in November, Yoi san will be, once again, hosting O Nawa Asobi.  Each year this event...

Desi La Releases “music for bondage performance 3”

Music for Bondage Performance 3 (created between 2017/2018) is inspired by Music for Bondage Performance 1 and 2 released by Merzbow via Extreme Records...

SM Sniper: Tribute to Yukimura Haruki

SM Sniper, one of Japan's longest running SM periodicals has written an extensive tribute to Yukimura sensei, available on their website: Yukimura Tribute The interview is...

The Colors of Iroha (いろはのいろ)

A new book of photos by Erisa Sota (well known kinbaku photographer in Japan, frequently seen at Naka Akira's workshops, events, and nawa kai)...
New Book by Yukimura Sensei, Preface by Master "K" Kinbaku Today 2

New Book by Yukimura Sensei, Preface by Master “K”

A new book by Yukimura Haruki.
Two new photo sets:  Hajime Kinoko Kinbaku Today 1

Two new photo sets: Hajime Kinoko

Photos from Hajime Kinoko.  From the Japanese website sniper.jp. Click on the photos below to see the full photo set  

Evie Vane’s “Little Guide to Getting Tied Up” now in Japanese!

Evie Vane's guide to bottoming in rope has just been translated and released in Japan.  Translated by Yuki Sakurai and available on Amazon.co.jp in...

Announcement: Nawashi Kanna and Kagura’s Photobook

https://youtu.be/AhzRyN0QjM0 Nawashi Kanna and Kagura have teamed up with Goku to produce their first photo book, celebrating their 10th Anniversary. They have launched the project as...