SM Sniper Interview with Osada Steve about Yukimura Haruki

Generously shared by Osada Steve sensei on the memorial day of Yukimura Haruki sensei's passing.  It is our hope that today be filled with...

Interview: Nawanojyoh

Always immaculately dressed, Nawanojyoh san is a gentleman Bakushi with a deep love of Kinbaku. He is the owner of the Kinbaku-orientated Jyohya Club in Osaka,...
Interview:  Kanso of Bondage Erotique Kinbaku Today 1

Interview: Kanso of Bondage Erotique

Kinbaku Today sits down with Kanso from Bondage Erotique
Interview: Akira Naka  Kinbaku Today 2

Interview: Akira Naka

Akira Naka interviewed live in LA, June 2014.
Interview with Isabelle Hanikamu Kinbaku Today 3

Interview with Isabelle Hanikamu

Fresh off her trip to Tokyo, Isabelle Hanikamu shares some of the highlights of her trip.

golden rule s.m interview (ゴールデンリターンズ)

golden rule s.m (ゴールデンリターンズ) has been a helping hand for injuries sustained in SM-play as a SM Manipulative Physician for many years, providing guidance...

Haru–to–Kyou Interview

Welcome to the scene. Like a Greek or Shakespearian tragedy, the flickering images of this desperate act of human depravity will not leave your...
Interview: Hourai Kasumi Kinbaku Today 1

Interview: Hourai Kasumi

Interviewed by Bergborg.

Interview: Kinako (Spider and Aubergine)

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo and don't have a lot of experience or access to the rope world, Kinako is offering...

Ryuzaki Asuka Interview

In these times of international crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we suffer collectively. We cannot so easily practice whichever interpretation we enjoy in...

Interview: Ugo San

I first met Ugo san around 6 years ago via ViceMinister, an American resident in Tokyo, and, as a confirmed historian of rope bondage in Japan,...

Interview: Saikatsu

For the sake of accurate history, and because age is a fact of life we have to accept, it becomes imperative to record details from key...