Rope and Kindness

Sometimes the impetus for reflection comes from the most unlikely places.  A few years ago, I bought a woodblock print by Toshikata titled "Yamanouchi Kazutoyo's...

Aibunawa and Semenawa: Pleasure and Endurance

A lesson from Yukimura sensei Not long before Yukimura sensei passed away I was lucky to be able to spend some time with him in...

Tying the One Rope Gote

When I think about tying, I think about the one rope gote.  It is one of the easiest ties to do, but one of...

Stop the Gossiping and Griping!

“Did you hear that so-and-so injured someone last week?” “I won’t tie with that person. I heard they’re a rapist.” “So I heard that so-and-so got...

Haiku of Rope

I have been thinking a lot about the relationship between rope and words, particularly in relation to the practice of tying. I was struck by...

The Heart of Kinbaku

At the beginning of December I visited Japan.  It was a trip that was a personal journey for me for a lot of different...

Rope and Connection: Ichi go ichi e

Perhaps the biggest buzzword in rope today is "connection." It is a difficult concept to put into words and even more so to teach.  When...

Kinbaku in Context: Reading Nureki’s Kinbiken

When Akira Naka tells the story of how he learned rope, he begins with the story of Kinbiken, Nureki Chimuo's monthly rope salon in...
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Rope is not about Rope

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One Way into Kinbaku

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