Nawa: Akira Naka & Ryo Tsujimoto

One of the last video series that Yukimura Haruki directed was the exceptional Nawa group of videos.  This video is an amazing collaboration between...

Nawa: Osada Steve and Miharu Kai

A new video from Osada Steve, featuring Miharu Kai and directed by Yukimura Haruki. From the video: Rope           Video Available Here

Yukimura’s “Nawa”

A truly remarkable video from Yukimura sensei.  In "Nawa" he provides a masterclass in his personal style of erotic rope bondage.  Unlike most videos...

Cage of Rope: Akira Naka and Norio Sugiura

Cage of Rope: Akira Naka and Norio Sugiura Cage of Rope is a collaboration between two modern masters of kinbaku. With rope by Akira Naka and photography...
Review:  Osada Steve's "Bakushi's Den" 1 Kinbaku Today 1

Review: Osada Steve’s “Bakushi’s Den” 1

Osada Steve Video: Bakushi's Den Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki is directing a series of videos with some of the most well known bakushi in Japan.  The...
Sunshop II: Akihabara Kinbaku Today 1

Sunshop II: Akihabara

For those who travel to Tokyo and have some time to explore, a must see shop is Akihabara's legendary Sunshop II. Not only is...